Xm weather not updating

Posted by / 21-Jun-2019 10:30

Xm weather not updating

Text based weather information is accessed through the weather tab on the main menu.Here you’ll find several more tabs including Current, Forecast, Sea Surface, Marine Bulletins, and Forecast Maps.Although XM and Sirius both provide similar weather products we found the XM marine weather system carried a slew of items that had more or better coverage or access.Only the XM system provides a satellite mosaic showing cloud cover areas.Finally, the wave height data was also displayed in number format increasing its usefulness.At the present time Garmin is the only XM compatible standalone hardware maker.

A longer update time of 12 minutes is the standard for most other items.

Once our weather receiver was activated we found the data transmission speed and chart update speed to be fairly fast.

Within a couple minutes of turning the unit most weather data would be displayed.

We reviewed XM weather using the Master Mariner subscription.

Updated weather data is sent to your receiver every few minutes to every 20 minutes depending on the product.

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Each tab has list of weather information available.