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Wr2 liquidating corp michigan

BTM has also developed a proven line of automation components for clamping, gripping, and locating.These products are used primarily in the demanding automotive welding environment and robotic end of arm tooling.This efficient and thin press design delivers high forces from typical shop compressed air and has also found uses in the production of many other products, establishing it as an effective and cost-saving press unit which can be purchased from a catalog.Not long after the Air Powered Toggle Press was introduced, it found use as a press to drive special and complex clinching tools. Sawdon again recognized the opportunity for a simpler and smaller clinch tool design which provides better access to parts, is easier to mount, and is less expensive.This new standardized clinching tool was named Tog-L-Loc clinching.

Additionally, the LLC must inform businesses with which the LLC already has existing contractual relationships that it will be winding up.

The process is very low maintenance, and generates no heat to distort parts.

Tog-L-Loc creates a strong mechanical joint by lancing the 2 long sides of the joint and gradually drawing the ends.

BTM has held an ISO certification since January 2004.

Previous to that, BTM held a QS9000-TE certification, which it originally received in 2001.

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