Worcester dating

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Worcester dating

A lease for the grand house on the banks of the River Severn was taken out on 16th May 1751 and on the 4th June, the 15 partners signed a deed to officially establish the ‘Worcester Tonquin Manufacture’.

In 1862 Kerr returned to his native Ireland and under the leadership of Richard Binns, with established new materials, new bodies & improved glazes and with properly trained staff the Worcester factory climbed to new heights of success.

Then to Chamberlain & Co (1840-1850) when Flight, Barr and their arch rival Chamberlain joined forces.

In 1852 Irishmen, Richard William Binns (1819-1900) and William Henry Kerr (1823-1879) took over the management of the Chamberlain & Co. The factory had been ravaged by fire and an extensive building programme took place in the 1850’s.

It sold its porcelain through a warehouse in Aldersgate Street, London and from Samuel Bradley’s shop in Worcester High Street.

Worcester played a major role in the development of the English porcelain tradition, going through several name changes over the years and merging or taking over other manufacturers.

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