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In the gym, she also lays special emphasis on lower body workouts and performs tons of variations of lunges and squats.She considers jump squats the most brutal exercise of them all.Chenoweth agreed calling Hough “Dreamy Mc Dreamerson" and saying, “I wouldn’t dump him out of bed for eating crackers, I’m not gonna lie.” The pair never actually dated, but that would have been a pretty fun relationship.Menounos was Hough's season 14 DTWS partner in 2012 and after kissing her twice during the competition (as part of the dances) rumors flew that Hough was secretly dating the actress.Plus, she likes to go out for long runs and has participated in a couple of half marathons.

She is particularly obsessed with Soul Cycle workouts.Hough's season nine partner Krupa was also linked to Hough on reality TV blogs across the Internet, but nothing ever came of the rumors.Rumors circulated that the pair were dating behind the scenes of DWTS season 10, but things really picked up when they were spotted in a car together in June 2012.In 2013, she got admission at the Vanderbilt University with an intention to study sports psychology and nutrition.Retired artistic gymnast, reality TV show contestant After retiring from competitive gymnastics, she had a problem in finding her perfect routine for a couple of years.

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Here's their performance of Cole's song "Parachute."The USC student was dumped days before the big dance and emailed Ryan Seacrest asking him to help her get revenge on her ex.

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