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" Then my parents ended up finding out through a letter I had written to a girl at summer camp, but then it became something we really didn’t discuss. It was a Christian high school, and I didn’t fit in there to begin with. I didn’t have a butch haircut—I just had a short little pixie haircut.

I mean, it was a really a Stepford Wives kind of vibe.

I had figured out by about age 14 that being gay was something I was going to need to think about later on in my life.

I was dating boys at the time, so I thought, "I’ll just deal with this later! My high school was in the South, and it was very conservative.

King has also added the sound of her own voice to a few songs, using her girlish instrument to big effect on lyrics that touch on such disparate topics as nuclear warfare and her first lesbian affair.

Kaki discusses the differences between a song and an instrumental tune and how they relate to playing guitar.They started getting their first guitars, but I could already play. It’s funny because although I’m a lesbian, I’ve always really appreciated the attention of men. She’s really really brilliant, and she runs the show, while my dad kind of took over the artistic role in the family.Well, at NYU, I was in a division where you create your own major.The combination of hammer-ons, pull-offs, altered tunings and fingerstyle techniques create a sound that is unmistakably Kaki King.Kaki King provides a lesson an exercise to acquaint you with the process of over the neck-tapping.

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She has quest appeared on the Foo Fighter's album Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace, as well as contributing to film scores such as August Rush.