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He was like, 'You know, Erin, I think you should just design your own collection for the season' because the season before that I had just used stuff from my own personal collection and put it on the girls for the runway show.The body chains came about just from talking to Alex about the collection.I shopped at all the thrift stores up and down Elm Street that used to be there.I was more into wearing Doc Martens than shopping at fancy designer boutiques.Low Luv features a lot of slinky metal body chains and body armor-inspired pieces—sort of Joan of Arc meets tribal warrior. "I've always been inspired by tribal jewelry and big African pieces. Jewelry makes such a statement, so I think that if you're going to wear it you might as well go big with it.

There are so many pieces from her collection that I'm so into. I like oversized jeans, I like oversized denim shorts, I like oversized jackets. You know, there's so much of a tomboy in me where I still enjoy wearing guy's clothes.

Before she jets off to the French Riviera though, Erin spoke … The model and designer wed French restauranteur Bart Tassy in Texas over the weekend (28-29Jul18).

Before she jets off to the French Riviera though, Erin spoke with about her special day in Austin, including the Vivienne Westwood gown she chose to wear.

Over the years I've collected so much vintage jewelry and I think in the back of my mind subconsciously I always thought, okay, I'm collecting and hoarding all of this stuff, sort of as my personal inspiration kit."Are there any new twists we can expect from the new collection?

"It's still body jewelry, but it's definitely a little more abstract this season, and a little bit tougher.

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Now, every time I go to Dallas there's a place I go to called Dolly Python that my friend Gretchen owns. Even as a young kid I'd go to MJ Designs [a now-defunct Dallas crafts store that was once part of Michael's] and buy things, and I was always making things.

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