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Validating datagridview

Unfortunately the code only allows integers to be entered in the datagridview.Since i have a column name as "Item Name" which is supposed to be entered as text there is an issue in the code.Meanwhile, we can use the Validate Row event in the same way to prevent the user from exiting the current row.We are going through the following C# code to analyze the process of validating data in grid cell. For more information about how to handle events, see Handling and Raising Events. Handle the Cell Validated event to perform post-validation processing.How am i supposed to edit the code so that it does not generate this error?

I mean, a certain column on my datagridview should accept integers only, otherwise, it will return a messagebox. Click Yes and then hover over error icons to see error messages specified for individual columns.The Kettic Data Grid View allows users of the control easily validate data grid cells when data is committed to the data source.In this walkthrough, you will retrieve rows from the column and tries to leave the cell, the Cell Validating event handler will examine new company name string to make sure it is not empty; if the new value is an empty string, the Data Grid View will prevent the user's cursor from leaving the cell until a non-empty string is entered.To copy the code in this topic as a single listing, see How to: Validate Data in the Windows Forms Data Grid View Control.

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To String(), new Integer) _ Or Else new Integer Canceling this event cancels the changes to the current cell.

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