Updating the ce plant cost index Free sexchat noo sign up or credit card

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Updating the ce plant cost index

Your best bet for an estimate of the 2004 breakdown may be the June 2004 breakdown. CE Index, 442.6 Equipment, 505.8 Heat exchangers and tanks, 460.0 Process machinery, 490.4 Pipes, valves & fittings, 600.7 Process instruments, 377.9 Pumps & compressors, 714.9 Electrical equipment, 351.8 Structural supports & misc, 531.6 Construction labour, 306.1 Buildings, 431.5 Engineering & supervision, 345.6The last update article I have is from CE Jan 2002.Capital Cost Estimator is a software which estimates Capital and Operating Costs for a Chemical Processing Plant based on data from the currently active flowsheet.While reasonable care has been exercised in the collection of data and testing of this software, the author of the software disclaims any warranty, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy or reliability of the data or calculations contained therein.The results of calculations obtained from the software yield approximate results, which will not always be suitable for every application.On this tab you will enter basic report information like name, description, reference date, cost index selection and currency details.

The correction factors are multiplied by the current prices to form the final total equipment cost.You can support future developments simply by doing things the right way: please do not give this plugin for free to anyone, and encourage your colleagues to download it through the official channel.Click here to go to the download/purchase page: Capital Cost Estimator (DWSIM Plugin Version) Download Page The Capital Cost Estimator (Standalone App Version) is available to purchase for USD 29.So I am trying to bring those capital dollars in 2004 up to date with today's dollars. This will give you the latest breakdown from the April 2007 issue.I have looked in a few issues and I don't think they publish the annual breakdown.

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I am also interested in the current weighting of the components? 584.6Construction labor 305.2Buildings 438.6Engineering and supervision 344.9 HAZOP at most recent information that I have is for January 2006 (preliminary), from the April 2006 issue of Chemical Engineering. The Dec-04 CE Index of 464.4 was for value for that particular month.

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