Updating safari

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Updating safari

These range from updates to your Quicktime player to overall security updates for your entire operating system.Also included are updates to your Safari browser, which can be crucial to your browsing safety.We've flagged the issue with Apple and asked if and when a fix will be available.

It took multiple calls to Apple Support, where one tech asked me why bother with my beloved 17" MBP, -just go buy a new laptop! What Apple has done with this latest version is a complete disgrace, and they should be ashamed of themselves!

If Apple does not revert back, I will never again purchase another Apple product. And Safari can't hurt your passwords - you've mucked it up yourself somehow. ) The only sites that Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera block are suspected malware sites, and you can always 'agree to proceed with the risk.' And Safari is free, by the way - you didn't "buy it."IMPORTANT!

All versions of Safari 12 through 12.0.2 contain a security vulnerability current titled "Web Kit-Reg Ex-Exploit", for which a Po C, Proof of Concept, has been published.

Updating to i Tunes 12.9 is not possible on OS X Yosemite, as that version is only compatible with mac OS Mojave.

Apple Safari is Apple's web browser that comes bundled with the most recent mac OS.

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