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If you are new to Python review the Appendix: Python Primer to gain an understanding of the language.

For this Hands On Session, the following has already been installed for you: method is passed the username "pythonhol", the password "welcome" and the connection string.

In this case, Oracle's Easy Connect connection string syntax is used.

It consists of the IP of your machine and the DB service name "orcl".

With the rise of Frameworks, Python is also becoming common for Web application development.

If you want to use Python and an Oracle database, this tutorial helps you get started by giving examples.

The following examples demonstrate the Open Query against the sample sports2000 database:5.

Sometimes, your application might be very database centric. here is my code: On the form1 I have a button which is calling a Class: private void btn OK_Click(object sender, System.

Anyone have any ideas how to get the Percent Complete of a Restore or backup operation? It works with SQLInfo Message Event Handler, unfortunately it doesn't work perfectly with Ole Db Info Message Event Handler as it seems you can get just the message and not the state (SQLState) for Ole Db.

Aurelia is a Java Script client framework for web, mobile and desktop. The framework follows simple conventions and is focused on web standards.

This tutorial shows how DRCP can be used by new or existing applications without writing or changing any application logic.

Perform the following steps: This is similar to but ":pooled" is appended to the connection string. To create a simple query, and display the results, perform the following steps.

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