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Updating path unix

Patches described here should not be confused with binary patches, which, although can be conceptually similar, are distributed to update binary files comprising the program to a new release.

The diff files that serve as input to patch are readable text files, which means that they can be easily reviewed or modified by humans before use.

In addition to the "diff" program, diffs can also be produced by other programs, such as Subversion, CVS, RCS, Mercurial and Git.

Patched files do not accumulate any unneeded text, which is what some people perceive based on the English meaning of the word; patch is as capable of removing text as it is of adding it.

The character between each directory in the C shell’s $path variable is a space.

The C shell search path includes /usr/bin, /bin, /usr/sbin, and rest of the all directories displayed by the echo command.

By using '~' one does not have to manually enter one's username for referring to the user home directory, which allowed the creator of the tutorial to create code which makes the PATH variable look into both of your home directories, even though both of your systems have different paths to your home directories.

The computer tool patch is a Unix program that updates text files according to instructions contained in a separate file, called a patch file.

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Windows ports of patch are provided by Gnu Win32 and Unx Utils.

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