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Updating fedora core

Let's start with my pettiest gripe: the lack of a trailing 0 on official releases. This would be okay except for if you look at the Makefile for stable releases, there's still a 0 in the SUBLEVEL filed where stable updates come from.

The Fedora kernel generates 3 types of kernel releases: official releases (v5.2, v5.2.1), rc releases (v5.3-rc6), and snapshots that don't correspond to an official tag.

One can then verify if the solution they worked on is correct or not.

For example: We are starting with only a few problems, but I (and a group of volunteers) will slowly add many more problems.

I’ll be giving a talk about how to use some cool features from C 17 (even if you cannot use C 17!

) in your code to make it easier for others (and yourself) to understand the intentions of the code, which helps improve productivity and reduce bugs and errors. The KDE PIM team will have a Bo F session on Monday morning ( - ) in room U1-04.

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