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Unmoderated chan s

The second suprise was pictures of her in a bathing suit, much to Anonymous's delight, since most of Loli-chan's pictures are innocent in nature.Some sets of images were leaked on to 4chan by Loli-chan's e-boyfriend in November 2008.In 2006, at thirteen years of age, Loli-chan was the youngest -chan.She was also the first chan to post on her own board, and is thus partly responsible for making chanchan what it is today.

Now, 8chan is known as something else: a megaphone for mass shooters, and a recruiting platform for violent white nationalists. Brennan, who stopped working with the site’s current owner last year, is calling for it to be taken offline before it leads to further violence. The person who posted the message encouraged his 8chan “brothers” to spread its contents far and wide.

At least, that's what a picture posted by Loli-chan on 4chan after the images were posted is telling us.

There was a thread on chansluts containing all of the pictures.

Users on 8chan frequently lionize mass shooters using jokey internet vernacular, referring to their body counts as “high scores” and creating memes praising the killers. Brennan, who has a condition known as brittle-bone disease and uses a wheelchair, has tried to distance himself from 8chan and its current owners.

In a March interview with The Wall Street Journal, he expressed his regrets over his role in the site’s creation, and warned that the violent culture that had taken root on 8chan’s boards could lead to more mass shootings. “Am I ever going to be able to move on with my life? Watkins, who runs 8chan along with his son, Ronald, has remained defiant in the face of criticism, and has resisted calls to moderate or shut down the site.

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