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Failure to adhere to an approved conflict management plan shall constitute a violation of this policy.

Violations of this policy will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.

2.3 Educational Responsibility Responsibility that includes, but is not limited to, teaching a course; directing an independent study, thesis, or dissertation; participating on a graduate advisory committee; employing a teaching or research assistant; making decisions regarding grades, honors, or degrees; considering disciplinary action for a student; or any other action that assesses, determines, or influences academic performance, progress, or potential.

2.4 Employment Decision A decision that includes, but is not limited to, one relating to the search, selection, or appointment of an individual to employment; establishing the terms and conditions of employment; determining compensation; evaluating work performance; voting for or otherwise considering reappointment, promotion, or tenure; issuing disciplinary action; or any other action that assesses, determines, or influences work performance, career progress, or other employment status.

3.3 Academic or Job-Related Requests A University employee shall not require or request a subordinate student or employee to perform a task or duty that is unrelated to the student’s academic program or to the employee’s job responsibilities and that would be of personal benefit to the University employee.

The inherent fact or semblance of a conflict of interest created by an amorous or familial relationship should be disclosed in order to avoid a potential violation of this policy.

For purposes of this policy, “related persons” includes: · Husband/Wife · Domestic Partner · Parent/Child · Brother/Sister · Grandparent/Grandchild · Aunt/Uncle and Niece/Nephew · First Cousins · Guardian/Ward · Anyone living in the same household or whose relationship is so closely identified with another as to suggest a conflict, or · Ex-, Step-, Half-, and In-Law relationships as appropriate based on the above list.This policy addresses romantic relationships and/or sexual interactions that, although consensual, may create actual and perceived conflicts of interests, and create the possibility for exploitation or favoritism.Except as expressly permitted herein, this policy prohibits consensual relationships between: The University recognizes that consenting individuals associated with the University should be free to enter into personal relationships of their choice.Civil liberties advocates fear incident could deter international scholars and students.Veterans' organizations see negotiations over the Higher Education Act as an opportunity to tighten a federal exemption they say makes service members target of aggressive marketing by for-profit colleges.

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This policy also proscribes conduct with respect to interpersonal relationships among faculty, staff, and students including improper relationships between students and employees and employment of related persons (anti-nepotism) and provides for disciplinary action for policy violations.