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Sex in serbia date

The latest issue is the partly recognized Republic of Kosovo (which is now a de-facto state), and, as I quickly discovered, an interesting topic of conversation with the girls.Although, I would recommend treading carefully when discussing politics and other sensitive issues.People here prefer to screw someone for 50 euros in 45 minute work, than earn 100 euros after a full hours work so that everyone is happy.Finding a way around the rules and regulations is the national sport. Buerocracy (which is made by the same people) incourages that, since the rules are such you can’t do anything following them (book Catch 22 comes to mind).I’m not much into blondes and prefer my women to have a bit of color, especially if they have a bit darker skin tones.There are the Spaniards and Italians but they’re quickly going the way of their American counterparts: unfeminine, rude and bitchy. Serbian women are Slavic but with dark, olive-skinned complexions of their Mediterranean counterparts.Same goes for those who pray upon the weaker - women are physically weaker. Yes, women are more likely to do the cleaning, but men are more likely to haul groceries, fix the house, car (low standard of living means people tend not to pay for proffessional services if they can manage) etc.

The good ones are really good - having lived/grown in such an environment, they are prepared for the bad, but have exceptional character to stay on top of it, not merge.

For many years, Serbia and the surrounding region has been a melting pot of different races such as Slavs, Turks, and Muslims.

That might explain the country’s interesting culture as well as the dark/sexy complexion of the women.

The bad: In terms of character, Serbian society is now at the level of a spoilt puberty child - not ready to take responsibility for what’s happening to them and their choices, blaming others, living and planning from day to day.

Another “exceptional” trait is that you can expect everyone to try to trick you.

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The good: Sense of humor, friendliness (yes, it does contradict the previous passages - the country is full of contradictions :) ), ingenuity (improvise way out of problems, or difficult situations). A person lying/falling in the street will have someone approach and try to help, still, in spite of everything, unlike in some “western” countries - even if it’s “just a drunk bum”.

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