Sex dating in graterford pennsylvania

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Sex dating in graterford pennsylvania

The charges arose out of a criminal episode that occurred on August 14, 2000, in the Graterford prison exercise yard.

The Commonwealth alleged that Dale together with Thornton, attempted to murder Jason Selders, another inmate, by cutting his throat. Keeping in mind our standard of review, we will examine Dale's insufficiency claims.

The aggravated assault charges merged for sentencing purposes.

¶ 5 Dale filed a timely appeal and raises the following issues for our review: II. When reviewing a sufficiency claim the court is required to view the evidence in the light most favorable to the verdict winner giving the prosecution the benefit of all reasonable inferences to be drawn from the evidence.

Did the trial court err by denying trial counsel's request to impeach the commonwealth's witness by way of the whole of the witness' criminal history when the witness, in response to the prosecutor's question, said that he was being imprisoned for a drunk-driving conviction? ¶ 6 First, Dale argues that because the Commonwealth failed to introduce expert medical testimony establishing that the victim was in danger of death or suffered serious bodily injury, the evidence was insufficient to convict him of attempted murder and aggravated assault. ¶ 7 Our standard of review of a sufficiency claim is well settled: A claim challenging the sufficiency of the evidence is a question of law.

Evidence will be deemed sufficient to support the verdict when it establishes each material element of the crime charged and the commission thereof by the accused, beyond a reasonable doubt.

Grow then observed Thornton give something to Dale, which Grow guessed was a knife, and told Dale to put it under the top bench.The New Hampshire court imposed a sentence of sixty to one hundred twenty years. On the way by I told him who did it, because I thought I was dying. I didn't know Eric's last name, but I know it was Eric, and told him James Dale and the other guy from New Hampshire so he knew who did it, because in my mind I was dead. Therefore, Dale's first claim regarding the insufficiency of the evidence for attempted murder must fail. Several of these convictions dated from the early 1970s. ¶ 19 For the reasons set forth above, we find the evidence sufficient to sustain Dale's convictions for attempted murder and aggravated assault and we find no abuse of discretion in the learned trial court's limitation on the cross-examination of a Commonwealth witness to crimen falsi convictions. ¶ 3 On August 18, 2000, a criminal complaint was filed against Dale, charging him with attempted murder and related offenses. ¶ 14 Similarly, Dale argues that without expert medical testimony regarding the seriousness of the bodily injury incurred by Selders, the evidence was insufficient to convict him of aggravated assault. The conviction for aggravated assault, being a lesser included offense, is supported by the same facts which support Dale's conviction for attempted murder, since the elements of aggravated assault are necessarily included in the offense of attempted murder and merge with it for sentencing purposes. Visits are a minimum of one hour in length; however, this may be increased depending upon the number of visits scheduled for that day. Weekend and holiday visits are limited to two-hour intervals.

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Parents with any concerns or questions should consult first with the Visiting Officer before allowing minor children to visit.

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