Say hello online dating

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Say hello online dating

And I'm convinced that making really small changes and shifting how you approach the wild, wild west of the cyber dating world can actually improve your matches.

Or at the very least—give you more options than thirsty Thursday at your local pub. MORE: The Fun Trick Every Single Woman Should Try -- Lindsay Tigar is a 26-year-old single writer, editor, and blogger living in New York City.

I thought I kind of already knew how to pick really good photos and write a sweet (but sassy!

) summary, but Davis tore my profiles apart on each site. Never Say "Hi" When we were sitting at this dark bar—full of attractive dudes, I might add—Davis asked to see some messages I wrote to guys. Be Proactive The other thing that I found interesting about messaging was that Davis doesn’t see any reason to make the guy do the work.

She had two interesting things to say right off the bat: "Don't ever say 'hi'! In fact, she says guys are usually impressed with a girl who reaches out first.

That's way too casual for someone you've never met before! Though I’ve never been shy about starting off with a flirty one-liner, it was reassuring to know that dudes won’t be turned away from a forward gal. Be Selective About Photos Davis started cutting my photos right away—in fact, she was a little appalled when she saw I had 15 photos up on Match.

I changed my paragraph to shorter, quicker things about me and got specific.On each profile, I had a bunch of photos from my trip to Europe with my mom, a few professional shots from photoshoots, and some with my friends. Instead, we went through my Facebook and found better options.We ended up with a photo of when I tried flying trapeze, one from my trip to Mexico, one with my cute pup, Lucy, and others that are close-up and good photos that weren't taken with a fancy camera. That Mayfair filter isn't fooling anyone, and it may cost you a swipe.However, on my Match profile, I completely left out what I was looking for in someone, so she had me get descriptive on my dreamboat guy. Think of Everything as an Opener While my profile was overall good, Davis says that my descriptions and photos didn't give a great sense of my true, unique personality.Even though it's relatively simple to send a message, men might not have been messaging me because I didn't give them enough to go off of or bring up in conversation.

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I’ve been online dating basically since I realized it was an option.