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This cost is much more severe if we unnecessarily create many server roundtrips for a task that could be done in a single roundtrip, namely by using a SQL bulk . If doing everything in a single statement isn't possible due to the limitations of SQL, we can still save roundtrips by grouping statements in a block, either by using an anonymous block in databases that support them: (You can easily send these anonymous blocks over JDBC, as well!

Now, to test these events you can write code that fills a dataset and calls the update method of data adapter.

adapter has a Fill Error event that occurs during a fill method.

It allows a user to determine whether a fill operation should continue.

As you can see from listing 9-3, I used Data Fill Error Event Args's members to get information about the error.

Listing 9-4 and 9-5 show the code for the Row Updated and Row Updating event handlers.

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) Or, by emulating anonymous blocks using the JDBC batch API (has its limitations), or by writing stored procedures.

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