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The ESE database format is also used for streaming file, e.g.

priv1used by Exchange, however until now little is know about the specifics of these streaming files.

This is the same engine that Microsoft Exchange uses.

Because ESE uses a propriety database format, little information about it is available in the public domain. Overview of the ESE database format The Extensible Storage Engine (ESE) database format is mainly known for its use in the Microsoft Exchange, i.e. What is less widely known that a lot of Microsoft products use this file format, some of which are Active Directory (ntds.dit), Windows (Desktop) Search (Windows.edb) and Windows Mail (Windows Mail. ESE is also known as Jet Blue in contrast to Jet Red that refers to the Microsoft Access database format.

Little information about forensic investigation of ESE databases in general, seem to have been published in the public domain. Active Directory and Windows Search use the ESENT version.

As far as I can tell, Mark Woan author of Ese Db Viewer, was one of the first who published information about forensic analysis of ESE databases in general. Early 2009, I was getting search results in files (Windows Search databases) on Windows XP system in some investigations. Basically an ESE database consists of the following elements: • database header and a backup • pages containing: • space tree data • database table data • database index data • long value data The following paragraphs provide an overview of some of these elements. Database header The ESE database starts with a database header.

ESE uses transaction logs, which in theory could be used to analyze different versions of the data and mutations.

However version analysis currently is in a state of infancy.

What is not widely known is that Windows Search uses the Extensible Storage Engine (ESE) to store its data.As a consequence, it is unclear how well different forensic tools support the ESE database format. Microsoft has kept the specification of ESE database format closed, although the Jet Blue API has been partially documented on MSDN.Several years after the introduction of Windows Vista and Windows Search, currently only a handful of forensic analysis tools seem to provide support for the Windows Search database even though a Windows Search database can be a valuable source of evidence. The information in this document was obtained by the information available on the Internet and reverse engineering of the file format.The ‘zeroing’ can be performed manually, by eseutil, or automatically, during online backup.For Exchange online backup is controlled by the following Registry key.

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Neither En Case or FTK seem to offer any support for this file, although they claim to have EDB support. The effective size of the database header is at least 667 bytes of size, e.g. Bytes 4 to 8 of the database header contain the unique signature ‘\xef\xcd\xab\x89’ of the ESEDB format.

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