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In my scheme of things the strata were formed from laminated flows with the source material being the Earth's oceans plus Martian rocks.So the material would be heated and undergo electrical effects.Both bodies would much more likely to have been in orbit around either Saturn or Jupiter.Old human stories identify the astral body as Mars, but this may be an error.

Thereafter lay a time of flourishing conditions on Earth, and maybe on Mars as well !

This would be after the dinosaur fossils, as dinosaurs and other giant creatures could only live on Mars.

Thus the recent Earthian (Cenozoic) rocks consisted only of Earthian creatures and Precambrian rocks at the bottom of the oceans that underwent EDM.

A laminated flow was produced on Earth consisting of the Earth ocean bottom rocks, Earth seawater and Martian creatures, rocks and water.

Laminated sediments resulted and these are known as the Cambrian rocks.

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Upon further inspection, I did find a serial number - located underneath the barrel about 3" from the muzzle.

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