Older men dating younger women will it work 35 plus dating

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Older men dating younger women will it work

It’s time for us to start calling out the creepy older guy and refusing to accept men pursuing much younger women.

We’re all responsible to stop this disturbing pattern, because we’ve created a culture in which the old guy and the young girlfriend is socially acceptable. An adult having a relationship with a teenager is not and should not be an acceptable thing. We’re taught to respect authority and our elders from a young age, to believe that someone older than us must know better, and that they’re in the right, we’re wrong.

As nature would have it, women are naturally attracted to older men.

This innate predilection for older men has placed younger women and their older mates on a romantic crash course for centuries.

That should be considered attractive, rather than the vulnerability and naivety of someone under 20.

We have to stop seeing ageing as a negative thing, and the young woman plus old man formula as the default.

They shouldn’t have brushed off the relationship as ‘silly’, but pointed out that it was wrong.

A 27-year-old will have expectations of a girlfriend that a teenager shouldn’t have to worry about meeting.

They’ll have to think about commitment, and exclusivity, where they live, how to schedule in time to see each other around work. That’s why it’s our responsibility not to lock teenagers under lock and key, but to call out all those creepy older men who feel they can hit on younger women.

They can drink, drive (not at the same time), and pay for things without having to ask their mum for £20.

That all makes an older guy seem attractive to a teenager feeling like they have little control over their life.

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They should be enjoying the silly stuff – hours of pent-up makeout sessions in cinemas, because their parents won’t allow them in a room with a closed door, two-week anniversary gifts DIY-ed because they spent all their pocket money, texts sent between lessons and whatever the modern day equivalent is of those hours spent on MSN (what do the young people use these days? It should be about working out who and what you like, dating some absolute idiots, and experiencing new things together, at a shared pace.

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