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Obsessive compulsive dating

People with ROCD might get married, despite their misgivings, then go on to doubt their marriage and feel as though they should have waited or may begin searching for a more suitable partner.

While the symptoms of ROCD may feel as though they are solid indicators that a relationship is not viable, they are a legitimate subset of OCD, and they can be debilitating.

Discussing this with your therapist could help relieve any fears or concerns regarding your progress. Acknowledging your misgivings to your partner can create division and frustration in your relationship.

Little quirks you once adored can start to grate on your nerves.

Is this a normal relationship shift or the symptoms of ROCD?

ROCD treatment might initially feel stifling-especially if you are currently in a relationship.

You might feel as though breaking up during treatment is a violation of your treatment process or an indication that you've failed.

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Many family members and friends are more than happy to offer reassurance regarding their loved ones' relationships.

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