Npr iphone app not updating

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This is why: If you listen to part of a podcast episode on your i Pod, and then sync the device, the podcast episode disappears from i Tunes (because it is no longer unplayed).

Select "Bluetooth" then select "Add New Device" on display screen. you must authenticate and initialize your services via the multimedia system.* 6-month complimentary trial. Press "APPS" on the faceplate, then select "Communications" on display screen. Once the multimedia system connects to the Internet, the system displays the name of the Wi-Fi hotspot when it's discoverable.* 4.

Because many listeners use i Tunes for podcasts, these are common concerns we hear about from Podbean podcasters.

Here’s how to check problems with your podcast updating in i Tunes and what kind of timing to expect from i Tunes.

Please note, as Apple states, “If your podcast is approved, you receive an email confirmation indicating your submission review is complete.

Your confirmation email also includes the link to your active podcast.

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