Norton spyware scan not updating

Posted by / 26-Jun-2019 22:31

The Norton Update Center is now downloading a small, secure program called "Auto Detect Pkg.exe".

This program checks for installed Norton products and automatically guides you to the correct product download page with further instructions.

Every time I try and update the definitions, the program says it\u0027s up to date even though the definitions are over a month old.

This happens on both my laptop and my work desktop computers.

Norton, itself, is very unhappy when you try to install any product it considers as a competitor: Specifically Mc Afee or Trend Micro. With more info provided, we can offer correct advice.

It was Antispy until it changed to Norton and it is not an active AV, that is both. I don't trust it or Symantec either and that was from 2004 were I was not treated kindly by Norton/Symantec/Digitalriver or Corporate HQ.

I\u0027ve been trying to use the Norton spyware scan that comes with the Yahoo toolbar.

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