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Next, construct code in a VBA Module to generate the recordset with DAO objects and loop through it. Recordset Dim str Value As String Set db = Current Db Set qdf = db. You can set these properties to customize the way you look at and update data in Access forms and reports.You can also give any linked table a new name for use within your Access database (although the table's original name remains unchanged in the source database) to help you better identify the table or to enable you to use the table with the queries, forms, and reports that you've already designed.If any linked table has been moved to a different location, the Linked Table Manager prompts you with a dialog box so that you can specify the new file location.You can also select the Always Prompt For New Location check box to verify the file location for all linked tables.

It is poor programming to open anything without explicitly closing it. Short of pressing Ctrl Alt Del, you may find that Access will not quit if recordsets or other objects are not closed and dereferenced.

You can easily update the location information in the table links by using the Linked Table Manager.

To use this handy utility, open the database that contains linked tables that you need to relink, and on the External Data tab, in the Import & Link group, click the Linked Table Manager command.

You can make some changes to the definitions of linked tables to customize them for use in your Access 2010 environment.

When you attempt to open the table in Design view, Access opens a dialog box to warn you that you cannot modify certain properties of a linked table.

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