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Through DOS, Miss Mack has created a system to maintain power over other women. Raniere has long been rumored to have a harem — a group of women who are permitted to have sex only with him. Raniere their spiritual husband as well as teacher, savior, and “all in all.” Because of the creep of age – Mr. To learn the secret teachings of SOP, members pay for their lessons.

Now that Miss Mack has assumed control of the greater harem of Mr.So to solve this whole racism issue entirely (we're ending it While you guys were hash tagging #Black Lives Matter staff writer @ms.bines was OUT COLLECTING REPARATIONS!!!#Secure The Bag2018 👅💥#linkinbio • • • • #babe #babedotnet #instadaily #love #kink #kinks #kinkychicks #instaquote #instagood #instagram A post shared by Babe (@babedotnet) on to give him a well-deserved ass-beating.The reports on the alleged existence of DOS [Dominant Over Submissive], a women’s group based on the conceptual teachings of Keith Raniere, and operated by former television actress Allison Mack, has naturally caused skepticism.It has been reported that Miss Mack has through DOS assumed control of the entire harem of self improvement teacher Keith Raniere.

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