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When young, single, and wealthy Charles Bingley and his best friend Mr. Free Game Features: - An exciting story based on the work of Jane Austen; - Explore Victorian era England; - Unique gameplay; - Solve interesting mini-games; - Heavy-duty husband hunting.

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It is a question most would not ask, but the producers at Tea for Three studios did, and their answer, .

action takes place in late 18th century England, focusing on the Bennet family and their five unmarried daughters.The aim is to practice accomplishments including: reading, music, dancing, drawing, needlework and riding (I would have thought French might make the list) and to earn good character, which is assessed through interactions with the non-playable characters of the game.When these characters ask questions players have to choose between one of three answers and what they choose divulges their character.Their amiableness, wit, sensibility, forthrightness, gentility, sense of duty, sensitivity, reservedness, amongst other characteristics, are given a numerical rating, as are less desirable traits such as vulgarity, eccentricity, boldness, licentiousness and frivolity.Essentially, the process is three-fold: players build stories through characterisation, they play new chapters, meet new people, attend balls, dinners, go riding, visit the town and its surrounding stately homes with ever the keen eye trained to potential suitors.

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Murphy offers the example of a very different Austen heroine: Consider Persuasion’s Anne Elliot: though perfectly good humoured, she is, on the whole, a serious person, even a grave person, for whom the sparkling repartee of an Elizabeth Bennet would be utterly out of character.