Is sabrina dating mark

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Is sabrina dating mark

In the beginning of the show, she discovers that she is half-witch on her father's side.

The adventures of the series show Sabrina as she deals with the day to day trials of being a teenager (and later, an adult) as well as being a witch.

Some of which get her into more trouble then she's already in.

She is, for the most part, very level-headed and clever although some of her ideas when it comes to using magic often land her in trouble, which often leads her to panic in some cases.

On her sixteenth birthday, Sabrina discovers that she is a witch.

She has also been characterized as a complete busybody at frequent times, having a habit of butting into the lives of those around her.

Sabrina's two catchphrases throughout the entire run of the show are "Woo-hoo! " She gets made fun of a few times because of her constant use of these phrases.

Sabrina is typically a very out-going, amiable, and genuinely caring person.

She looks out and stands up for her friends Jenny and Valerie whenever the cheerleaders, particularly Libby, would insult or be condecending towards them, while simultaneously taking slurs and insults herself.

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Unfortunately, at the same time, Harvey claims his desire to officially renew their relationship.

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