Invalidating someones experience Stranger live cams

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Invalidating someones experience

Validation from others is one of the best tools to help emotionally sensitive people manage their emotions effectively.

Self-validation is one of the best ways for emotionally sensitive people to manage their own feelings.

Understanding Validation Validation is a simple concept to understand but difficult to put into practice.

Validation is the recognition and acceptance of another person’s internal experience as being valid.

Have you ever wished you could take back an email that you sent when you were emotionally upset?

Or maybe you made some statements when you were sad that you didn’t really mean or agreed to something when you were thinking with your heart that you later regretted ?

Self-validation is the recognition and acknowledgement of your own internal experience. Humans have a need to belong and feeling accepted is calming.

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There are no legitimacies to it beyond maybe fostering some perspective.

That a child dies tonight from having had nothing to eat does not invalidate your pain over losing your dog, though again, perspective can be useful in dealing with that pain.

A person has a right to their emotions, and to their actions within the law (as well as to the consequences of those actions).

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Validation also shows the other person that you are there for them. Sometimes when change is very difficult, having the difficulty of the task recognized helps people keep working toward their goal. A simple to understand concept, validation is powerful and often more difficult to practice than it might at first seem.