Ideas for updating an office building

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And even though a homeowner may maintain their own apartment very well, [a poorly maintained common area] could lead to thoughts in the buyer's mind that maybe there are some financial problems in the building." "Good-looking common areas are important as a prelude to the rest of the building," says Marjorie Hilton, president of Manhattan-based Marjorie Hilton Interiors.

"You want people to have a good, solid, significant impression when they walk in." Most homeowners would probably agree that the look of their lobby could potentially detract from the value of their apartment.

It's only when you add them all up that you realize a hefty bill.

Some buildings are reluctant to spend that much of the budget on an area they might see as secondary to their own private spaces.

So that's a big, big factor." Other ideas for inexpensive upgrades include re-upholstering furniture and adding table or floor lamps near furniture groupings to create more of a residential look in a public area, according to Morehouse.

"Inexpensive art framed in expensive-looking frames with oversized mats add color and interest on walls," she adds. A table added in the center of a lobby with several orchids in a decorative cachepot creates a focal point.

"Drop a chandelier in an area where the lighting is dim," suggests Buscarello. I see very poor lighting in many buildings and lighting is very important.

If you think about it, 99 percent of spaces in the city don't have natural light—they rely on electric lighting.

Walls suffer extensively from people moving in or moving out and also take abuse from delivery people, messengers and anyone else bumping into wall coverings.

You know that you need to upgrade your apartment so that the building can both maintain its value and avoid costly repairs and maintenance down the road.

But have you considered the common areas in the building as something that can affect your co-op or condo's property value?

The faux-brick treatment adds depth and is a nice backdrop for the electric fireplace.

Shop Wallpaper Shop Electric Fireplaces Tip #4To make a space feel larger and brighter, hang light-colored curtains close to the ceiling.

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Wood-paneled elevators are especially susceptible to noticeable design damage.