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is committed to helping people deal with their grief by encouraging them to write to their deceased loved ones as a form of self-therapy.

That said, we do want everyone who uses to be able to move on with their life.

We plan to give widows and widowers a view of both sides of the equation as a couple who have been through it successfully.

Here’s the backstory: I lost my wife of 22 years when I was 45.

Young widowers and widows may share these objectives. Widows often want someone to be a father to their children; many of the men have already done so, and aren’t in love with the idea.

There’s a fundamental inequity in dating as people age; men hold most of the marbles.

I felt more powerful and able to see potential mates for what they were and weren’t.

I trusted my gut a lot more than when I was in my early 20’s.

I wanted a wife, but also wanted to raise children.

I did what I wanted to and made decisions for all aspects of my life that formally I would have first consulted my older physician husband Allen about.

WHEN TO START DATING WHEN YOU’RE GRIEVING LARRY: Let’s talk about when to start dating.

We often think it’s about looks, but in fact it is about fertility.

The dissonance is that they probably already have children of college age or beyond and don’t want to take advantage of a younger woman’s fecundity.

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