Girls dating guys the same height

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Girls dating guys the same height

Conversely, if she’s not okay with the guy’s height, she’ll pass and save him the trouble. I would think most guys under 5’6″, for instance, wouldn’t be cool with a girl over 5’10”.

I'm going out with a chick that's 5'10 this weekend though, and honestly, the height is hot as hell. It's more of a facing each other thing though for it to work. That being said, I dated a girl who was two inches taller than me, and also wore heels. t=150077053 I've never spooned a taller girl but I have cuddled with a girl 4 inches taller than me (srs) I basically just laid to where my chin was above her head and her body just stuck out farther than mine at the bottom, you can still do the whole legs intertwined arms around her thing no problem with a girl as tall or taller than you. Yes, because 6'1 is enormous and you standing next to a 5'5 girl would look ridiculous/sick.On that same note, that same woman could have a totally different experience if she had the right expectations. I’m always impressed by a guy who says something cheeky in his profile like, “I’m 5’8…in heels.” This shows confidence and a sense of humor. I’ve secretly always wondered if that’s why Kim K and Kris Humphries didn’t work out.She could be downright smitten by the end of the date. If they’d just list their height on their profiles, guys would save me from having to awkwardly ask—or worse, actually going on a pointless date when I know in the first minute that there won’t be a second. It just seems difficult when you can’t have a face-to-face conversation and have to stand on your tippy-toes to kiss. I know most guys don’t care as much about a woman’s height but if I were either very short or exceptionally tall, they’d probably want to know.

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Can we stop pretending that this isn’t a little bit shallow by nature? Women are judged way harder on how we look than men.

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