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You will remain in Private Chat for the rate of per minute", "END_CONNEXION" : "End Connexion", "CONNEXION_END_TEXT" : "You are ending the connexion, and will remain in Private Chat for the rate of per minute", "BUZZMODE_TITLE" : "My toy reacts to your touch", "BUZZMODE_INSTRUCTION" : "Press anywhere inside box at per buzz", "SUPERBUZZ_LABEL" : "Superbuzz", "BUZZMODE_OFF" : "Buzzmode has been turned off", "CAM2CAM_TITLE" : "Cam2Cam costs per minute", "CAM2CAM_BTN" : "Start Cam2Cam", "CAM2CAM_FLASH" : "To use Cam2Cam, you must enable or download Flash.", "CAM2CAM_FLASH_LINK" : "Click here for more info", "CAM2CAM_FIREFOX_BARF" : "Cam2Cam has been temporarily disabled in Firefox.Alternative browsers like Chrome or Safari are enabled.", "CHATTING_WITH" : "Chatting With ", "AUTOLOAD_ADDED" : "Autoload added to your wallet", "CHOOSE_CHAT" : "Choose a Chat", "NUDE_BUTTON" : "Nude Chat ( /Min )", "PARTY_BUTTON" : "Party Chat ( /Min )", "PARTY_BUTTON_TAGLINE" : "Other members may chat with me", "AUTOLOAD" : "Allow Autoload to automatically refill my wallet when my balance is under .", "WHISPERING_WITH" : "Whispering with ", "WHISPER_FROM" : "Whisper from", "SHOW_END_TITLE" : "Thank You!Clicking your saved tip amount will give a tip instantly.", "GOT_IT" : "Got it!", "NO_THANKS" : "No thanks", "NO_THANKS_SUB" : "(Removes saved amount)", "DONT_SHOW_AGAIN" : "Do not show me this message again", "PARTY_TITLE" : " is currently in Party Chat.", "RATE_SHOW" : "Rate my show", "IDS_ENTERED_PARTY" : "You are in Party Chat now", "IDS_ENTERED_PRIVATE" : "You are in Private Chat now", "IDS_ENTERED_EXCLUSIVE" : "You are in Exclusive Chat now", "FAN_WHISPER_ONLY_JOIN_NOW" : " only whispers with fan club members. ", "COMMENT_SHOW" : "Comment on my show", "MUST_RATE_SHOW" : "You must rate the show in order to submit your comment.", "YOUR_COMMENT_WILL_BE_REVIEWED" : "Your comment will be reviewed within 24 hours.", "RATING_HAS_BEEN_SUBMITTED" : "Your rating has been submitted.", "VIEWER_TIP_COACHMARK" : "New!I have a great show planned for you.", "VIEWER_SAVE_TIP" : "Save Tip Amount", "VIEWER_CANCEL" : "Cancel", "VIEWER_CHANGE_AUTOLOAD" : "Change Autoload to ?", "VIEWER_QB_CONFIRM_TITLE" : "Place a Quickbuy order for ?

This way we know that the categories assigned to a performer are correct.

Performing Customers determine all non-subscription based prices and discounts, e.g., per minute fees, fan club discounts, based upon a range set by Streamray.

Performing Customers and Viewing Customers solely determine the content of the Video Services.

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(“Streamray”) provides persons 18 years or older (“Performing Customers”) with marketing, billing and internet broadcast services (collectively, “Streamray Services”) that allows them to market video chat services (“Video Services”) to third-party users (“Viewing Customers”) across the world via this website.

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