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BROWSE MOVIES THEATERS: - Browse the latest movies and top box office picks.- Check showtimes at your favorite theaters or find nearby theaters and connect with Google Maps for assisted driving directions.- View theater amenities (Reserved Seating, Mobile Ticket, etc.). Guarantee your seats and head straight to the movies with ticketing powered by Fandango.S., Flixster will give movie fans the ability to access the latest information about movies from the most trusted review aggregating site - Rotten Tomatoes™.In addition, Flixster lets consumers buy and rent thousands of movie titles and access their Ultra Violet(TM) movie collections directly through their Xbox.When users create a profile on Flixster, they can rate movies as well as list their favorite actors, movies and videos.They can browse the site to find other users with similar interests.DISCOVER MOVIES: - Get the latest Rotten Tomatoes® Tomatometer scores and movie reviews from critics - Find the latest movies news right at your fingertips with the News page in the global nav.

Facebook users can add the Flixster application to their profiles and begin rating movies and taking quizzes.Special for this platform is the ability to play back those Ultra Violet-linked video files in HD; it's the first Flixster app to do so, although Vudu had that capability already.With today's app addition, the grand total of video service apps on the Xbox 360 is hovering just around of different options, and we're hoping Microsoft's got a more cohesive strategy for the next version of the Xbox gaming console.To find out more about social networking and niche sites, check out the links below.film service Flixster is now available on the Xbox 360, bringing with it the Rotten Tomatoes rating aggregation service and Ultra Violet cloud integration.

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