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Echinoderm microfossil dating

14-15), it consists of "8º Un calcaire jauntre, terreux, texture parfaitement oolithique" [8th) A yellowish limestone, earthy, with a purely oolitic texture], below, and "7º (...) un calcaire blanc, trs dur, trs compacte, grain extrmement fin et presque cristallin" [7th) a very hard and compact, white micritic limestone], above (Table 1 ) [Note that re-labelled the Gastropodenzone as "Falaise de Mdairej" and the Sandsteinzone as "Grs de Base".

Unfortunately, for the neighborhoods of Beirut, he introduced an unnamed transitional zone (op. 56) consisting of "170 m de terrains argilo-sableux et calcaires fossilifres" [170 m of shaley to sandy and fossiliferous calcareous strata] between "Falaise de Mdairej" and "Grs de Base".

However, until now, this unit was lacking a clear definition.

We introduce herein the Jezzinian Regional Stage, the type-locality of which is at Jezzine.

The microfossil assemblages are compared with those of the Persian Gulf, because both areas belong to the same tectonic plate, i.e., the Arabian Plate. Table 1: Summary of the attributed terminology to the Jezzinian and its surrounding units over the period 1847 to date.

However, he failed to give clear definitions for most of these newly re-labelled lithostratigraphic units and he even added more confusion as, for instance, he ascribed a formal name to ) is essentially facies-driven: 1) grain-dominated, shoal facies (oolitic and bioclastic wackestones and grainstones) are referred to the Abeih Formation; 2) mud-dominated, lagoonal facies (mudstones and bioclastic wackestones, with some gastropod floatstones) to the "Falaise de (1963) named it "Falaise de Mdairej" after he established its type-section in this locality.

; Falaise de " is a sheer-sided limestone cliff of alleged Aptian sensu lato (Bedoulian - "Gargasian") age that trends throughout the chains of Mount Lebanon, Anti-Lebanon (Lebanon: Fig.

1 ), Southern Alawite Mountains (Syria) and northern Galilee.

Toutefois, jusqu' trs rcemment, cette unit tait pitrement caractrise : il lui manquait notamment une dfinition rigoureuse.

Nous introduisons ici l'Étage Rgional Jezzinien, dont la localit-type est sise Jezzine. (pour "unconformity-bounded unit"), une unit qui, par dfinition, est encadre par deux discontinuits.

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À son tour, le Jezzinien est indirectement corrl avec les units stratigraphiques urgoniennes nord-tthysiennes o il correspond un intervalle relativement court comprenant la limite des tages standards (internationaux) Barrmien et Bdoulien.

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