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Once you’ve decided where you would like to go and what type of wedding ceremony you’re looking for, our adviser will have already studied your circumstances and let you know if we can help you arrange your wedding.

It could be that you are avoiding the lengthy administrative processes of your residing country.When you have little time to spare on planning it’s great to have one of our team members there who can quickly walk you through all of the administration, and guide you the all the way through.Deciding where you would like to get married in Denmark really depends on why you are coming here and where from, your tastes and how much time you have.We will then give you you will give you a detailed list of documentation your adviser will require to start helping you organise your documentation.When your documentation is ready, then we will walk you through the process of application and help with any further request the Danish Administration may have.

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People are friendly, the transport in the country is easy and once you’re here for your ceremony, you’re going to find your trip is wonderfully seamless thanks to our help.

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