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Willow had Katherine and the prophesies to work on. Giles had suggested Oxford, which he could get her into with a couple of phone calls. She grabbed her bag and strode up to the line, holding out her paperwork. On the plane, the flight attendant stowed her backpack for her and allowed her to keep her purse with her. After several more minutes of people loading, the young man glanced up and gave her a cursory smile. “Ah, the symposium is on elements of ritual in serial killings and the evolution and determination of signatures of serial killers.”Her mouth dropped open for half a second.

It was followed by pain and misery.“Og.”“I know, hon,” Jenny murmured.

“Did you know there's a happy velociraptor up there? It came out in a combination of French, Etruscan, and Fresian.“What on earth did she just say? Big muscles only.”“I've never even given a smallpox vaccination before,” the nurse said. ”“Scream all you want,” House said, “but don't tense up.”She cursed him in five languages.“What was that? Probably only ever read it instead of heard it spoken.”She fell asleep again.“All done.”And the nurse was helping her sit up and put her clothes on. A little drool is nothing.”It took the nurse and House to help her into a wheelchair, and he insisted on pushing her into the lobby.“Okay,” he announced, “this charming piece starts at ten grand. House gave her an appreciative but mild ogling.“This your friend? “Gonna take good care of me.”“Yeah, I'll bet.” He grinned wolfishly.“What is she on? ”“You're a doctor,” she stated, looking at him suspiciously.“So some say,” he agreed. He gave Jenny his business card after searching through all his pockets and then finding a beaten and bruised one in his wallet.“You don't hand out many of these, do you? “You look like you could use one.”“And you look like you could use six weeks in detox,” Jenny answered.“Been there, done that,” House said. The brochures always lie,” Dawn said with great wisdom.

” the nurse asked.“That she's never had the good stuff before,” House interpreted. ” the nurse asked.“Serbian, I think,” House answered. Holding on to the nurse was the only thing that kept her upright.“I think I drooled on you,” Dawn said. ” Jenny asked, watching Dawn loll her head back and grin right back at the doctor.“About three mils of morphine and ten of diazapam,” he answered. “I haven't checked lately.”“You're offering to do an orderly's job,” she added.“Our orderlies suck. “She's a neat kid.”Jenny checked the paperwork again. The hotel was a very nice one, catering to well-heeled corporate travelers – quiet, well stocked, and run by a fleet of silent, efficient staff.

” K asked her.“Oh, fine,” Dawn answered, looking in her bag for her medication. You know how it goes.”“Smallpox doesn't exist anymore,” K said, pointing at her bandaged arm. On this world.”Dawn looked up at him.“I knew some people who went to QFU,” he said. One of them didn't talk about it unless she was drunk. The first leg of her flight was to London Heathrow, and she had two weeks before she had to report at QFU, so she'd decided on doing some touristy stuff. It lasted all the way up until the attendant shushed them for flight instructions.

Jenny handed K his sunglasses.“No flashy-thinging us,” she admonished him.“Wouldn't think of it,” he answered, tucking the sunglasses into the same pocket as his neuralizer.“Can we get food? “We need to start weening you off.”“Everything okay, young lady? You should consider the same possibility when it comes to demons and vampires.”“You know, that very wise man died in that play. Once I find out where Buffy Summers lives, I'm sending her a Hallmark card and a fruit basket.”Which shut J's mouth, because K had yet to buy anything that didn't directly contribute to his own survival or consist of a recording of country music.“Besides,” K continued. Otherwise, I can't get my deposit returned.”J stayed quiet for a moment, thinking before he spoke up.“Don't get a fruit basket, man. “Get her one of those Harry and David monthly fruit things. Fidgeting with nervousness, Dawn waited at the gate for the boarding call. ”His eyes widened with delight at her question, and he thought about it for several moments before giving a definitive, detailed answer.

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“I've got the baggage.”“'You take the blonde, I'll take the one in the turban,'” Dawn quoted and then giggled. “You might want to keep the luggage cart right in front of you, so you don't frighten anyone.”“Thankyouma'am,” the bellhop babbled and left a hole in the atmosphere as he fled.

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