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Dating your vox ac30

But it’s hard not to wonder if a more streamlined circuit would have sounded just a touch better and been less expensive.A Jangly Little Thug Like a lot of great small amps, the AC10 evokes the youthful, exuberant rush of plugging straight in and turning up—way up—for the first time.In both sonic and visual terms it may be one of the most cost-effective means to get the most familiar ’60s Vox vibe that’s come down the chute in a while. I get excited when I see a little Vox tube amp as a studio option.

I have to hit the ground running tomorrow, I've fallin' way behind. I can go to GC in the morning and pick up a reasonable ribbon mic.

That AC10 was one of Vox’s very first amps—a more affordable, stripped down little brother to the AC15 that was then revolutionizing the English amplifier landscape.

In many respects, this new two-EL84 AC10 has more in common with the contemporary AC15.

The AC10 could be the ultimate amplifier for laying down power pop rhythm tracks.

And it’s devastating as a lead machine with volume and gain controls up high.

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