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The next wave of Title IX activism, researchers and activists say, will focus on how colleges investigate allegations of and provide resources to students in abusive relationships.

And it’s going to be just as complicated and contentious.

The two dated from fall 2011 into the following spring, when Ortiz told a friend that her boyfriend touched her and made her touch him when she didn’t want to. But it was also the only relationship Ortiz had ever known.

It wasn’t until he broke up with her that summer that Ortiz confided in a mentor on campus.

It wasn’t until Ortiz contacted that lawyer that she learned her civil rights may have been violated.“Now it’s clear to me that the dean thought what happened was just a dispute, and that I was just being a crazy ex-girlfriend,” Ortiz said.

Her complaint led to a still-ongoing federal Title IX investigation against the University of Chicago, but it also led to mental health issues that forced Ortiz to take a leave of absence, she said.

Ortiz’s ex-boyfriend graduated the day after the mediation.

If you choose to pursue this option, list Daytona State College as a restricted location and provide a copy to the Campus Safety Office on any campus location.

The college will comply with all court-ordered injunctions (restraining orders) that involve Daytona State College.

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We strongly encourage you to report any incident of domestic violence, dating violence, or stalking to police and Campus Safety. Reporting to law enforcement and Campus helps the College to effectively deal with these incidents, and police and Campus Safety officers are trained to deal with these situations with sensitivity and compassion.