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Cet article fait, des façon critique, la synthèse de la recherche disponible sur les études des rapports des jeunes gens avec leurs vieux protecteurs et vieilles protectrices.

Il étudie les questions concernant les définitions, les mesures et les analyses impliquées dans l'évaluation de ces rapports, leur ampleur, leurs modes, leurs déterminants et leurs conséquences.

L'étude discute les implications de cet effort pour les banques de données et pour les études de recherches et d'intervention futures qui visent la promotion de la santé et du bien-être des jeunes gens dans le contexte de la mondialisation et de la localisation et des recommendations qui permettront de s'occuper de ces expériences.

(Rev Afr Santé Reprod 2004; 8[2]:13-37) Introduction There is a great deal of research on cross-generational, intra-generational and inter-generational sexual relationships both in developed and developing countries.

It considers definitional, measurement and analytical issues involved in assessing these relationships, their magnitude, patterns, determinants and consequences.

The review compares and contrasts the experiences of young people in a variety of settings in developing countries versus developed countries, and identifies key associated factors perpetuating those relationships.

Tel: (514) 343-7611; Fax: (514) 343-2309; Email: [email protected] Number: rh04023 Abstract This paper critically synthesises available research that examines young people's relationships with sugar daddies and mummies.It documents associated factors and consequences of these relationships for young people, particularly the extent to which force, coercion and power differentials shape the relationships.The study compares and contrasts the experiences of young people in a variety of settings in developing and developed countries within the broader context of non-consensual sexual experiences of young people around the world and makes some recommendations for dealing with these experiences.The implications of this endeavour for data needs and future research and intervention studies targeted at promoting young people's health and well being are discussed within the contexts of globalisation and localisation and recommendations for dealing with these experiences.(Afr J Reprod Health 2004; 8[2]:13-37) Key Words: Sugar daddies/mummies, young people, sexual and reproductive health, STI, HIV/AIDS Résumé Rapports des jeunes gens avec leurs vieux protecteurs et leurs vieilles protectrices: que savons-nous et que faut-il savoir?

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Precocious experiences with reproductive health outcomes such as sexual debut and pregnancy with the risks associated with them, including abortions and sexually transmitted infections and the increase in HIV infection remain of great concern to policymakers, researchers, planners and the international community.