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When Dave Hazel, 59, met 'Linda Smith' on a dating site in 2012 and started chatting with her online - as well speaking to her on the phone - he felt she was his soulmate.

Dave made plans to marry her and sent her £15,000 (Dh73,000), in the belief that she would join him in the UK from Canada. It came to light that the woman he had dreamt to make his wife and start a family with didn't exist and that he had been scammed out of his entire life savings.

Al Khaleej Times Newspaper announce daily vacancies for various categories in the form of ads in the newspaper career and jobs section where they often publish an entry level to advance level jobs for freshers, drivers, office boy, salesman, cashier, engineer, security guard, home tutor, teaching, restaurant, hotel and other several vacancies as well.

Khaleej Times is being used as a job search weapon by many job seekers.

40 years ago from today 16th April 1978 was the first day of its launch, published by three partners Galadari Brothers, Dawn Group of Companies and including UAE government.

"They said the person I was waiting for wasn't coming and was being arrested."When Dave went to his local bank and checked with them, he found that he had been conned and wouldn't get any of his money back.

The man was also ordered to pay blood money to the woman's family.

30 December 2018 – Angel Tesorero It was the first day of the UAE amnesty program. I knew there had to be a story behind this guy in a cap, wearing a black shirt and jeans, carrying a backpack and a transparent envelope that held an obviously worn-out passport. His troubles began when the company he worked for in Jebel Ali closed down in 2010.

As expected, thousands of overstaying expats trooped in to the GDRFA (General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs) office in It was also the middle of summer. I forgot my reply but I was holding a bottle of water and I offered it to him. Instead of going back to the Philippines, he went on a visa run to Kish Island in Iran and returned to Dubai on a visit visa to search for jobs. But he was still supporting his children who were in college, so he had no choice but to stay in Dubai and find a job.

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I interviewed several people that day, overwhelmed by their stories.

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