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The extravagant hairstyles and colors you may stop in anime shows, then, don’t reflect real life at all and are simply up to the creativity of the artist!

Interestingly, because of the strict rules on school uniforms which arguably dissuades from originality, cute stationery and bag accessories are very popular among students to express themselves and their interests.

In anime, you might see students hanging out with their friends, eating snacks, and chatting in their classrooms.

Even in worlds that are not meant to be realistic, we see examples of real-life features, as these of course provided the inspiration.

Here is a picture of a real typical Japanese school uniform.

There are some other variations available, but in short, the most common types are the blazer and sailor.

Once at a school, students are normally provided with lockers or shoe racks where they have to place their outdoor shoes (usually black or brown loafers) and wear “uwabaki” (Japanese indoor slippers) before entering a classroom.

The main purpose of wearing indoor shoes is to keep cleaning and maintaining the floor to a minimum since there are no janitors in the building.

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High school students in anime often have quirky traits such as reading while they are walking, chewing gum or candy, or some other personal habit that makes them a more interesting character.

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