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Dating hygene

"Parents too often assume that 10- or 11-year-olds will somehow naturally learn what they need to know about hygiene," says Wibbelsman. Someone has to teach them." Kids with poor hygiene face consequences.

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If you look clean, fresh, and caring, that’s a good thing! When you have a haircut, trim your eyebrows, nose hair and ear hair too. Some ladies like long hair, and some favour short hair.

It doesn’t matter either way – but keep your hair clean, solid, and brushed.

Spend time understanding and “fixing” yourself, rather than just simply trying to attract women.

Women love confident men – and that confidence comes from knowing yourself fully – and knowing what you have to offer.

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Just by looking at them from a distance you would be impressed and think “wow, who’s that!? His teeth were not so clean and his breath was horrid (even talking from a distance). Seriously, who cares if he looked like a million bucks I wouldn’t date him, or anyone like him, if he asked me … Because his personal hygiene habits left MUCH to be desired. Personal hygiene IS very important, ESPECIALLY when dating. Yes, it means checking the mirror every once in a while and doing a little sniff test if you’re not sure. My body wash, body lotion, body spray and even my house all smell like vanilla. It’s very important to me to always look and smell proper. make sure you are someone they won’t ever forget, for GOOD reasons, and not the one they tell all their friends about who smelled like curry and cigarettes and had bad breath. What sorts of things do you find gross or attractive in a person?

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