Dating for marriage in russia

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Dating for marriage in russia

Most of the time that has nothing to do with her trying to look chic in order to extract any benefits from you (contrary to the popular opinion). However, she will expect a lot of admiration in return, so do not be shy to compliment her on her looks.

Russian girl will always accept admiration with grace and smile and will love that.

Long-stemmed red roses are a safe bet and the most appreciated flowers, since they symbol love.

Flowers are a must, not only for important events, but also for everyday dates.

Expect a girl to talk about being a good cook and mentioning her “girly” hobbies.

I was really surprised that guys in the US often brag about their great cooking skills to their dates.

A guy will talk about his business or his job a lot and will find a way to demonstrate his wealth by mentioning his car, house and other evidences of status.

Sadly, wealth is valued more than good looks and there might be too much emphasis on the wealth from the guy’s side.

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I get a lot of questions about “THE RULES” of dating Russian men or women.

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