Dating an uneducated man

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I love the chippy chippy comment though - and that's an issue for me, the fact that he gets quite defensive and bottles things up.

And for those of you who think I'm a snob, a true snob wouldn't date someone from a significantly different background in the first place.

People are just people and while some people may not have had as many advantages doesn't preclude them from enjoying things associated with other "classes"!!!

From what you say he also is a bit uncomfortable...

I think an additional problem you face is that many people find it perfectly acceptable for a man to marry a woman less well educated than he is (women are still seen by a lot of people to exist for men's benefit and a woman doesn;t need an education to service a man domestically and sexually) - but an educated woman dating a less-educated, or younger, or poorer man is still seen as not quite right (the man is supposed to be the superior in relatinships) and you will (and probably already do) get comments about how you could do better - your friends patronize him and his friends think you need putting in your place etc.

you have every right to doubt, as this relationship will probably go well for a period of time and then it will come to a crunch where you find your self educating him just to have a conversation, i made the same mistake by staying with someone like that for a few years he was sweet, kind and a great lover but things ran dry you could try teaching him and broadening his horizons as i did but i eventually became his back bone and it broke....

supposedly relationships are more successful when the parties are from similar backgrounds and share similar values - I don't think you're a snob, are you worried about dumbing yourself down in order to communicate with him?

you just don't sound wildly compatible to me you love him as he is or not at all and if not in your class then don't be with him he deserves to be loved for who he is not what he has you have been happy for a yr with him so he offers you something maybe you need to sit down and find out where this relationship is heading but if i was him i would leave as if he treats you well and he works hard does it really matter who earns more he has potential to make money why dont you see what he wants to do regards to his carpentry which is very good trade he could make his own things to sell and set up his own business etcbut regardless to this you take someone as they are you sound a little bit snobby to be honest if having doubts you shouldn't be with him he deserves to be loved for who he is and people don't have to have same interests thats what makes people click you can teach people what you like etc also good to have own interests but class should never come into it i think that you know the answer to this one!

He feels he didn't have the opportunities he would have liked.

Could you share your interests in music and literature with friends and share your common interests with him?

Chip on his shoulder about you being assertive would worry me, as would not being good with money.

I'm highly educated middle-class, he's skilled working-class (a carpenter) and simply not as knowledgeable/cultured as I am through no fault of his own.

We do have lovely talks about quite deep things but I have to be careful not to use long words and can't really share my love of music and literature with him. He has a bit of a chip on his shoulder and I have to be careful not to come across as too assertive or he gets upset.

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He sounds lovely from the first paragraph and if I were you, I might be inclined to stifle my doubts about the second.