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Its unusual length required a short “extension” piece to complete the bass horn.

The Polynesian could be said to be the first model 325 made by Rickenbacker.Apart from the pro refinish, this guitar is in original condition with period correct components and an OHSC. This one-of-a-kind guitar was developed in late 1957 and likely designed by Rickenbacker designer Roger Rossmeisl, combining features of the 325 Capri and the Combo 850, and with no serial number on the elongated jackplate.This “transitional” Rickenbacker guitar has features found on the Combo 850 model, such as the “German carve” indent on the front of the body.Apart from the body refinish, this guitar is in original condition, all original hardware and electronics with triangle fretboard inlays and early Ac’cent vibola. The neck was stripped of its finish when I acquired it; only the neck was refinished. This guitar (serial # AE) is unique in that 1) it may be the first of the “New Capri” body style in the 330 model, 2) it may be one of the first Ricks to sport the 5th “blend” knob and 3) it has a factory-bound neck, not standard on the 330 model. Note the difference in coloration between this guitar and the 375 immediately following. 1963 Rickenbacker “New Capri” 375 in near-mint condition; beautiful and rare three-pickup version with Autumnglo finish; Ac’cent vibrola and roller bridge, oven knobs, gold guards and TRC. 1963 Rickenbacker “New Capri” 365 in near-mint condition; beautiful and rare two-pickup version with Autumnglo finish, having pearloid-button Van Ghent tuners and the then-new “Sceusa” neck, a patented asymmetrical neck design – thicker on the bass side, thinner on the treble side.This design provided a more “natural” fit for the player’s hand, making barre chording easier.

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