Cutenamestaken and dating

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Cutenamestaken and dating

When Jupiter broke off one of her horns, it became the ‘”horn of plenty”, which provided its owner with whatever food they desired.For the Boorong people of Victoria, this star was Purra, a kangaroo who is chased and killed by the twins in the constellation of Gemini; the tracks of Purra form the bed of the Wimmera River.Carina also has meteor showers which peak around Australia Day, and contains the Diamond Cross, sister to the Southern Cross.Considering that the winged keel on is said to have won us the America’s Cup in 1983, Carina adds up to being a patriotic star name (and suitable for boaties).Elea at British Baby Names has a post on starry names up on her lovely Advent calendar; she also had a post on astronomical names back in October, which contains many star names.If you name your child after a star, you will want to show them “their” star when they get older, so I’ve given a few hints as to the best time to view the star from Australia; to learn more, two great resources are the Skynotes newsletter from the Melbourne Planetarium (includes video), and the Beginner’s Guide to the Night Sky at ABC Science.An awkward detail was that Andromeda was already engaged to her uncle, but Perseus turned him into stone, which got rid of him nicely.

The hero Perseus, on his way home from other heroic deeds, saw her in distress, and did the traditional hero’s rescue-and-marry-damsel manoeuvre.

The most prominent star in the constellation is Canopus, the brightest star of southern skies, clearly visible and high in the sky.

If you live in the far south of Australia, Canopus will never set.

Serpens is visible in Australia in the middle of winter, and its stars are not easy to see.

Andromeda Andromeda is a constellation named after a character from Greek mythology.

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The Bibbulum people of south-western Australia saw Canopus as their ancestor Waa Wahn, the trickster crow.

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