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Again without explaining much of the "why" because I think the discussion will get too long and off-topic, here is a formula that generates the first matrix of 1's and 0's above: = MMULT( (ROW(INDIRECT(ADDRESS(1,1)&":"&ADDRESS(ROWS(A1: A4) ROWS(B1: B3),1))) =COLUMN(INDIRECT(ADDRESS(1,1)&":"&ADDRESS(1, ROWS(A1: A4))))) 0, A1: A4) MMULT( (ROW(INDIRECT(ADDRESS(1,1)&":"&ADDRESS(ROWS(A1: A4) ROWS(B1: B3),1))) =(COLUMN(INDIRECT(ADDRESS(1,1)&":"&ADDRESS(1, ROWS(B1: B3)))) ROWS(A1: A4))) 0, B1: B3) FINAL NOTES/THOUGHTS The advantage to using this formula is that it allows arrays to be concatenated without using VBA.

The disadvantage is that this method for concatenating arrays only works with numbers, not text.

See screenshot: In above formula, B2 is the first cell in the range that you will create a dynamic list by. Then go to another column and type this formula into it, and then drag the autofill handle down until blank cells appears.

In the above formula, B2: B11 is the range of original data, and A2: A11 is the range that number the row in step 1. Then select a cell or range you want to create the dynamic list without blanks, and click Data Never need to worry about long long formulas in Excel anymore!

(This is because TLDR and self guided - Here's the example workbook.

Yes, there is a way to join arrays in pre-office 2016.

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Now you will see only the cells with data has a number next to.When the formula starts returning errors the second part of the formula begins.INDEX($D:$D, ROWS(H2:$H)-ROWS($B:$B)) It also takes into account the number of values returned from the first cell range, for example in cell H8: INDEX($D:$D, ROWS(H7:$H)-ROWS($B:$B)) becomes INDEX($D:$D, 6-ROWS($B:$B)) becomes INDEX($D:$D, 6-5) becomes INDEX(, 1) and returns "MM" in cell H8. The IFERROR function moves the calculation to the next part (formula2) when the first part (formula1) begins to return errors.That is also true for the second part (formula2), when errors occur the calculation continues with the third part (formula3) IFERROR(IFERROR( The ROWS function counts rows in a cell reference.

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