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Compatibility on line dating

And when you’re sitting alone in your living room filling out a personality profile on a Web site, there is an even greater chance that the resulting matches will not be perfect.

When you multiply the chance for inaccuracy by the number of users on a given dating site, complicated matching systems are probably not working much better than basic attribute-and-interest matching.

There are close to 100 million single adults in the United States alone.

If you to join a community of educated and engaging American singles, Elite Singles could be just the fit for you.Then the site will match you with highly educated brunette sooner than a blonde who didn't finish high school.Some sites use very complex personality surveys and mathematical algorithms to match partners.While some of the numbers may be fuzzy, one thing is certain –- the use of online dating services continues in huge numbers.According to Online Media Daily, consumer spending on personals and dating sites rose by 8 percent in the first half of 2005, topping 5 million.

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On the other hand, there are those who think the online dating industry may have reached its saturation point.