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I want to know where my shoes are when I wake up in the morning.’”Eric, a father of one living in Brooklyn, wasn’t surprised when his parents divorced while he was in college.“They’d always been always pretty argumentative and stuff like that,” he said.

Until her 2012 death, psychologist Judith Wallerstein, aka “ found that children of divorce lacked relationship coping skills which, coupled with a deep-seated belief that relationships are inherently impermanent, makes their marriages critically vulnerable to divorce.Each said their parents’ split affected their own relationships and marriages. For some, their parents’ divorce made them wary of commitment and doubtful that relationships could last — at least for a time.Others viewed their parents’ split as a cautionary tale to be mined for lessons about intimacy and communication.It’s usually stupid shit anyway, so we should be able to get over it as quick as we got angry about it too.”“My wife and I try not to let our daughter see us fight,” he said.“We’re horrible at keeping it hidden, but we would really like this to be something we could do.

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“I grew up like seemingly living out of a bag, going back and forth.

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